Mission Statement

At Drummond School we respect ourselves and each other.  Everyone is valued equally for who they are, what they do and what they achieve.  We work as a team both within the school and in the wider community.  We engage in open and honest communication that allows us to take time to listen to one another and keep informed.


We are always very pleased when our website is visited and we are happy to receive your comments on how to improve this service for you. Please contact me on 01463 701051 (my direct dial number) or the School number of 01463 701050.  


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or by emailing me at:     mark.elvines@highland.gov.uk

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                           Welcome from Head Teacher


I would like to welcome you to the Drummond School, Inverness website;  we hope you find the information helpful. We have been in our wonderful new school for around six years. The facilities and resources are truly exceptional, the staff and pupils have been given the opportunity to work in a school very much fit for purpose and therefore it is our aim to work towards offering high quality experiences for all of our learners.

We are a school for pupils with additional support needs (ASN).  All of our pupils have severe learning difficulties and many have severe and complex needs.  The school has a capacity for over  


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90 pupils in 20 classes .  We have provision for nursery, primary and secondary education.  We follow the Curriculum for Excellence framework.


Drummond School is situated in the Drummond/Lochardil area of Inverness but our pupils come from all areas of Inverness. All pupils are transported to and from the school.  This transport always has an escort included in the service.  Parents also



Inverness City

transport their children to and from the school where appropriate.


Please note that there are two other Special Schools in Highland Education Authority and many of the local Primary and Secondary schools have ASN provision.  Not all pupils who have ASN would automatically attend Drummond School.

The school is committed to working in partnership with parents as well as with all of the other significant partner agencies.  We operate a Home/School diary communication system.


The school is managed by the Senior Management Team of the Head Teacher and two Depute Head Teachers.  There are also three Principal Teachers.  The school currently has a teaching staff of 23 Teachers (including those in the four subject areas of Art, Music, Home Economics and Physical Education) and we have forty Additional Support Needs Assistants who are central to the support and education of all pupils within the school.

Drummond School Swim Pool

We have our own large swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool run by the Pool Manager and two additional Leisure Assistants. The pool is also used by groups of children and young people with ASN in the Inverness area.


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Mission Statement

Mr Mark Elvines

Head Teacher

Drummond School

Drummond Road

Inverness, IV2 4NZ

Tel No: 01463 701050

Fax:  01463 701060

E-mail: drummond.school@highland.gov.uk

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